The PanACEA consortium assembled for their quarterly meeting 11th of December. As last time, the main agenda item was the progress of the Core Expertise Teams.

The Core Teams are assigned to different areas of expertise related to trial conduct: Sponsor Responsibility and Trial Management, Drug Management, Clinical Pharmacology, Trial design and Statistics, Microbiology Lab, Biomarkers, Consortium Finance and Administration, Data Management and Genetics.

The Expertise Core’s goals, objectives and action plans are starting to take shape. The Cores plan to use a variety of opportunities to share expertise. The Cores intend to organize and support educational activities, exchange resources and experts, support sub-studies to facilitate the learning process, write protocols, manuals and templates, invest in software programs and/or platforms, and invest in development of methods and techniques.

The final plans of the Cores will be presented at the next General Assembly meeting that takes place in Cape Town on the 28th of February and 1st of March. This gathering is also an opportunity for the Cores to meet and organize workshops.