We are faced with a global pandemic of tuberculosis and new tools to control this disease are needed urgently. We believe that old and new drugs are central to any control strategy and the fastest route to tuberculosis elimination. The consortium brings together a group of scientists from 11 countries and 16 institutions with skills in clinical trials design and implementation, pulmonology, mycobacteriology, pharmacokinetics, statistics and delivery of clinical service. The problem of tuberculosis is enormous and it is only by working together, clinicians and scientists, nations from the North and South, Universities, research institutions and health services that we will make progress. Thus, collaboration and partnership are central to the ethos of PanACEA. Simply put, the mission of PanACEA is:

  • To shorten and simplify treatment of uncomplicated pulmonary TB
  • To increase the TB clinical trial capacity in Africa
  • To develop sustainable TB clinical trials network in Africa