To supplement the site infrastructure upgrading and training, PanACEA has been performing epidemiological and observational studies that will permit some sites to develop more rapidly toward regulatory standards. The epidemiology studies are providing the necessary understanding of the impact of TB on patient communities to ensure that present and future clinical trials can enrol efficiently and that study designs can be amended to lessen the burden imposed on patients recruited to participate. The epidemiological studies also serve as an important mechanism to train and encourage the research groups to develop the necessary clinical, data management, and laboratory skill base to perform clinical trials.

The following studies are being performed:

1) Observation of Early Bactericidal Activity of Standard Anti-TB Treatment (OEBA-TB)
Sites: NIMR-MMRC (Mbeya/Tansania), KCRI (Moshi/Tansania)
Start of recruitment: 16 November 2011
End of recruitment: 22 May 2013
Target # of patients to be enrolled: 70

2) Investigation into the epidemiology and management of active tuberculosis in Kampala / Uganda
Sites: MUMH, Kampala/Uganda
Start of recruitment: 17 September 2012
End of recruitment:
13 February 2013
# of patients enrolled: 400

3) Epidemiology of tuberculosis in Lambaréné
Sites: MRUHAS, Lambaréné, Gabon
Start of recruitment: 18 June 2012
End of recruitment: (October 2013)
Target # of patients to be enrolled: 200

4) Epidemiology and Management of Tuberculosis in Tanzania (funded by Swiss TPH)

Sites: IHI, Bagamoyo/Tanzania
Start of recruitment: September 2010
End of recruitment:
(September 2013)