Pan-African Consortium for the Evaluation of Antituberculosis Antibiotics

We are faced with a global pandemic of tuberculosis and new tools to control this disease are needed urgently. We believe that new drugs are central to any control strategy and the fastest route to tuberculosis elimination.
The consortium brings together a group of scientists from more that 14 countries with skills in clinical trials, pulmonology, mycobacteriology, pharmacokinetics, statistics and delivery of clinical service.


Our Scientific Network

PanACEA MAMS-TB-01 finds high-dose rifampicin may help shorten TB treatment

Press release – Nijmegen, Netherlands / Munich, Germany February 26th 2015: At the annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI), PanACEA,...


Final PanACEA I Meeting in Alpbach, Austria

On January 25 – 28 the final PanACEA I meeting was held in Alpbach, Austria. PanACEA members of 11 countries (Belgium, Gabon, Germany, Great Britain, Kenya, Mozambique...


PanACEA in “World TB Day 2014 – Reach the 3 Million”

On March 24, 2014, Michael Hoelscher (LMU) presented “Advances in New TB Drug Development”, Tim McHugh (UCL) “Approaches to Monitoring Therapy” and Patrick Phillips...


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