Xavier A. Kayigire

Division of Molecular Biology and Human Genetics,
Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Title of Thesis: Direct comparison of different sputum derived biomarkers of antituberculosis drug activity in early bactericidal activity (EBA) studies
University / Institution: Division of Molecular Biology and Human Genetics, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Sven O. Friedrich
Start date: March 2012
End date: December 2014

Xavier: “With the grant from PanACEA/EDCTP I was enabled to enrol as a PhD student in TB research. This has given me the opportunity to increase my knowledge in scientific research and to gather experience in designing and conducting research projects until the end of the program. My sincerest thanks go to PanACEA/EDCTP and their capacity building program.”

Stellah Mpagama

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre
Moshi, Tanzania

Title of Thesis: TB Diagnosis and drug susceptibility testing in Tanzania
Supervisor: Prof. Gibson Kibiki
Start date: October 2011
End date: August 2013

Stellah: “PanACEA supports my research grant which contributes to achieve high quality clinical research and also gave me the opportunity to participate in international conferences.”

Khadija Said

Ifakara Health Research and Development Centre
Bagamoyo, Tanzania

Type of Master: Master of Advanced Studies in International Health (financed largely by STI; PanACEA financing advanced modules)
University / Institution: Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute / University of Basel / tropEd
Supervisor: Dr Klaus Reither
Start date: March 2013
End date: June 2014

Khadija: “A step towards a multidisciplinary challenging world of international health”

Bayanika Manunu

University of Stellenbosch
Cape Town, South Africa

Type of Master: MSc in Molecular Biology
Title of Thesis: Determination of the Mechanism of Action of SQ109 in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
University / Institution: Division of Molecular Biology, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Sven O. Friedrich
Start date: July 2011
End date: August 2013

Bayanika: “PanACEA/EDCTP helps me to boost my knowledge in biomedical TB research as a MSc student by learning different effects of TB drugs on M. tuberculosis at cellular and molecular level. I hope to be able to design and conduct own TB research projects at the end of my program. Thank you PanACEA/EDCTP for your help.”

Jackline Odhiambo

Kenya Medical Research Institute
Nairobi, Kenya

Type of Master: MSc Clinical Trials (Distance Learning)
University / Institution: University of London, LSHTM
Supervisor: Dr Evans Amukoye
Start date: September 2011
End date: October 2014

Jackline: “I am learning quite a bit on the theory and reasoning behind why things are the way they are or practiced a certain way in the world of clinical trials. The insight gives a refreshing perspective to my work in clinical research, especially when it comes to emerging trends. It is also quite interesting getting to compare how clinical trials run both in low and high income countries. It is my hope that I can get to apply a number of the concepts learnt better in my day-to-day work.”