General Assembly teleconference December

In the quarterly teleconference on 10 December 2018 the PanACEA partners assembled to discuss the progress of the projects program. We looked back to 2018 as a year in which we ended our first trial. We are ready to start 2019, when our other trials are scheduled to start. The General Assembly meets again, face to face, at the second Annual Meeting in Maputo, Mozambique.

Executive Group F2F meeting

The Union World Conference served as a good occasion several PanACEA get togethers. On the 25th of October the Executive Group came together to discuss the completion of the HR1 trial and the preparations for the upcoming trials.

The TBA was also invited to prepare for the SimpliciTB trial for which EDCTP favourably evaluated a grant application by PanACEA and the TB Alliance. SimpliciTB is a global phase III trial to evaluate the efficacy, safety and tolerability of a novel and potentially shorter drug regimen of Bedaquiline, Pretomanid, Moxifloxacin and Pyrazinamide (BPaMZ).

The 49th Union World Conference on Lung Health

One of the yearly highlights in TB research is the Union World Conference. The 49th edition was hosted by the city of The Hague and the KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation from 24th until 27th of October 2018. This gathering of clinicians, public health workers, policy makers, researchers and advocates serves as an unique platform for a global public health response to TB and lung pollution with a special focus on resource-limited settings. The message this year was: “Declaring our rights: social and political solutions’

PanACEA consortium members Martin Boeree, Stephen Gillespie, Michael Hoelscher, Rob Aarnoutse, Peter Donald, Andreas Diacon, Gerry Davies, Elin Svensson, Celso Khosa, Lindsey te Brake, Issa Sabi, Carlijn Litjens, Nyanda Ntingingya, Patrick Phillips, Derek Sloan, Stellah Mpagama, Norbert Heinrich, Blandina Mmbaga, Celso Khosa, Christina Manyama and many more contributed to the message with presentations and active participation.

11th International Workshop on Pharmacology of Tuberculosis Drugs

The 11th International Workshop on Pharmacology on Tuberculosis Drugs was held in The Hague on 23rd of October 2018 during the week of the Union World Conference. At this premier TB pharmacology meeting leading experts presented and discussed the latest findings in the TB research.

PanACEA was well represented by a delegation existing of Rob Aarnoutse (Radboudumc), Elin Svensson (Radboudumc, Uppsala University), Lindsey te Brake (Radboudumc), Carlijn Litjens (Radboudumc) and Patrick Phillips (UCSF).

Visits Tanzania, Uganda and Gabon

In the beginning of October the PanACEA Coordinator Martin Boeree travelled to Tanzania, Uganda and Gabon to continue the last site assessments of 2018, accompanied by lab coordinator Lavinia Rodney and project managers Lindsey te Brake and Rutger Spoor. We were happy to see the study teams of IHI, NIMR MMRC, KCRI (Tanzania), MML (Uganda) and CERMEL (Gabon) preparing for the upcoming trials that will start in 2019. The sites are well are on track.



At the annual INTERTB meeting on October 22nd 2018 in London PanACEA Coordinator Martin Boeree  and other renown experts on TB clinical drug development came together to discuss the research developments in the field. The 50 mg/kg rifampicin arm in the HR1 trial is completed and Martin Boeree lifted the veil on the preliminary results. We look forward to sharing the results as soon as we can!

Ninth EDCTP Forum

In the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal, the EDCTP held its Ninth Forum, an international platform for the presentation and discussion of frontier research to address the burden of poverty related infectious diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa. The theme of this Forum was the impact of European-African partnerships in clinical research, which is at the heart of the EDCTP’s mission and goals.

PanACEA was given the opportunity to share its experiences at this occasion. Dr. Nyanda Ntinginya, director of NIMR MMRC, Tanzania, and a member of the PanACEA Executive Group, gave an excellent presentation on the “learning by doing” capacity building approach in PanACEA. Dr. Stellah Mpagama, working at Kibong’oto Infectious Diseases Hospital, Tanzania and EDCTP senior fellow, told her story of development as a leader that is a result of collective effort.

General Assembly Teleconference September

Every 3 months the PanACEA consortium is meeting via teleconference to update each other on the progress of the trials and the capacity development program. On September the 10th 2018 the partners assembled again.

The so-called Expertise Cores can finally carry out their plans. They have started to purchase data management systems and statistical software.

The PanACEA Postgraduate Program is facilitated by the Expertise Cores and we are excited that applications have been opened.

PanACEA is also gearing up for the upcoming Ninth EDCTP Forum and The 49th Union World Conference on Lung Health.

DEADLINE EXTENSION: Submission deadline 30 September for PanACEA Postgraduate Programme

We are pleased to announce the opening of our Postgraduate programme, which will offer candidates a unique opportunity to support PanACEA objectives and obtain a research degree. The research programmes will be sponsored by expertise core and other affiliated resources. Candidates will be matched to appropriate projects based on their scientific interests, experience and acumen.

To apply, the Postgraduate Application Form (below or click here) must be submitted, which consists of two parts (Part A and B). First, candidates must fill out Part A of the form. In Part B a statement of support must be supplied by a principal investigator (PI)/other referee.*

Closing date for submission: Sunday 30th September 2018 at 23:59 Greenwich Median Time (UK Time)

For further information or assistance, please contact Prof Tim McHugh ( and or Lavinia Rodney (

Upon application, the principal investigator (PI)/other referee will be contacted via email to also provide projects for this scheme (Part C)



Postgraduate Application Form

Part A: Applicant to fill out
Part B: Principal investigator (PI)/other referee


SAMRC interviews Andreas Diacon

The South African Medical Research Council interviewed Professor Andreas Diacon, founder and CEO at TASK Applied Science, on the future of TB treatment. TASK performs clinical trials in TB and has been a partner in the PanACEA consortium since the first EDCTP granting phase.

New and improved drugs are necessary to increase the effectivity of treatment of TB, Professor Diacon explains, but improvement of diagnostics and development of vaccines are essential as well to eradicate the disease. Such a multi faceted strategy requires a concentrated effort of many players globally. Specific to the African context he argues that the scientific agenda should yield a robust and cost effective overall strategy.

You can watch the interview here: