Dr. Mohammed Siddique Rassool

Dr Rassool is a project investigator and project manager for the PanACEA project  at the Clinical HIV Research Unit, University of the Witwatersrand Helen Joseph Site.

Dr Rassool holds a medical degree (MBChB) and a diploma in HIV management. He has a long-standing ten year experience in phase II-IV clinical trials.  Over the past seven years, Dr Rassool has been managing various projects.  He also provides technical and advisory support to the local clinics in the Johannesburg region. He is also lectures medical doctors who attend HIV management courses.

Furthermore, Dr Rassool’s main areas of research are HIV, TB, HIV and TB co-infection as well as other HIV related co-infections (including Kaposi Sarcoma and Hepatitis B). He has 10 publications dealing with HIV and associated conditions.