GA conference III

The General Assembly’s quarterly meeting took place 25th of September. PanACEA assembled with representatives from the vast majority of the consortium partners. On behalf of the Executive Group the coordinator informed the General Assembly on PanACEA’s progress.

This meeting particularly covered the start-up of the Core Expertise Teams. The Cores will serve as operational support for all studies to maximize efficacy and uniformity across trials, and provide high-level oversight. International established research leaders will be paired with local investigators in order to assure quality whilst helping to develop leadership skills and enable the transfer of clinical trial expertise from European investigators to African investigators. The Core Teams will lie at the heart of PanACEA’s Capacity Development plans.

During the meeting the Expertise Cores informed each other of their start-up, plans and timelines. They will report back on their finalized goals, objectives and action plans at the next General Assembly meeting on the 11th of December. The Expertise Cores will present their final plans at the annual General Assembly meeting in Cape Town in the first quarter of 2018.