Rutger Spoor MSc

In 2006 Rutger completed his studies in Business Administration at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, and graduated with majors in Strategic Human Resource Management. In 2006 he started working at PwC accountants as financial auditor mainly for SME’s and in Healthcare. At the same time he started his study in Auditing at the Vrije University in Amsterdam.  In 2009 he started working for the Radboud University Medical Center as Senior Projectcontroller and Teamleader for the department of Finance. He helped Principal Investigators and researchers at various departments managing their projects.  In this role he started in 2012 supporting the PanACEA I project. He helped with budgeting, financial reporting and auditing the financial reports from partners. In March 2017 he started working as project manager on PanACEA-II, focusing on consortium coordination, legal en financial.