The 5th Annual PanACEA Meeting


The 5th Annual PanACEA Meeting has been held on Ile de Gorée / Dakar, Senegal from 19-21 Oct 2013, just preceeding the 7th EDCTP Forum.

Inspite of a couple of logistical challenges with colleagues travelling from all corners of Africa, Europe and the US to Gorée island the meeting has been a great success. PanACEA has geared up for its final year of the current EDCTP grant and has set the framework and a clearly defined vision for PanACEA II. Exciting new ideas for an accelerated pathway to new TB therapies were brought to the table and strategies for a lean, yet inclusive, governance structure permitting rapid decision making have been devised. We are thrilled about the prospects of a more mature and comprehensive PanACEA II at the forefront of TB drug research and will be working hard over the next few months to set the course for the future.